The calendar showcases our work over the coming months in collaboration with our partners, including non-profit partners, the state and central government, funders and young people who are committed to engaging more actively in their communities


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week 2

jan 9 onwards

Digital Enagement campaigns to end teenage pregnancy

Showcasing stories from our youth champions, influencers, parents, teachers and ongoing Ab Meri Baari engagements via podcasts, citizen journalism, twitter and other social media campaigns on the need to end teenage pregnancy

jan 14

Case Study: Evolution of Dasra's work on adolescents

Reflecting on the journey from the Dasra Girl Alliance to the 10to19 Dasra Adolescents Collaborative; sharing its learnings, measuring impact and showcasing the resources and funds leveraged by Dasra for the adolescent sector

jan 17

Media Workshop I - Understanding Teenage Pregnancy

A sensitisation workshop for the media to increase awareness and urgency around the state of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and teenage pregnancy in Jharkhand

week 3

jan 20

Ab Meri Baari Launch Video

Launch of the Ab Meri Baari video reflecting on the success, and building upon the journey and commitment of youth champions to further integrate into and influence communities to tackle issues around SRHR, teenage pregnancy, etc

week 4

jan 26

Webinar for digital inclusion

Webinar to launch and discuss the findings and insights of the report on Digital Inclusion based on case studies and consultation workshops with various partners

jan 27

Dasra Giving Circle gathering

Gathering of Dasra Giving Circle members of the 10to19 Collaborative to celebrate the milestones achieved, reflect on learnings gathered and share perspectives about the Collaborative and the adolescent sector

jan 29

Rountable with State governments on ways to prioritise adolescents

Rountable with the state governments of Assam, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand along with civil society stakeholders to share learnings and best practices from programme implementation.


week 1

Exploratory research on Learning-to-Earning

Publish written works and insights based on exploratory research on the Learning-to-Earning ecosystem

Webinar on Comprehensive Sexuality

Voices from the Ground IV webinar on comprehensive sexuality education

Roundtable with government on teenage pregnancy

Roundtable with government to discuss and co-create plans to address teenage pregnancy as part of the Ab Meri Baari campaign including a press interaction showcasing their committment to the wellbeing of adolescents in the state

week 2

Consultation with the government on adolescent health

Consultation with the Government of Jharkhand on Adolescent Health & Wellness Days and youth participation programs including discussions on SOPs and training manuals

week 3

Conference with the Government to share best practices

Conference with members of the Jharkhand Government, program partners and other stakeholders to share learnings and best practices on health, SRHR and education programs in the state


week 2

Media Workshop II - Ending Teenage Pregnancy

A second sensitisation workshop further informing and educating the media on teenage pregnancy and its impact on young girls and ways to work towards ending teenage pregnancy

week 3

march 15-19

Dasra philanthropy week

Dasra Philanthropy Week is an annual convening of nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, foundations, policymakers and other key stakeholders to discuss the way forward for India’s development.

week 4

Ab meri baari video

Ab Meri Baari video on SRHR and teenage pregnancy

Please check the calendar regularly as event dates may change and new dates will be added

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