The 10to19: Dasra Adolescents Collaborative Information Repository

The appendix contains detailed information about 10to19’s various initiatives, our origin, programs, impact and key learnings.

10to19 in the Field

This contains an overview of 10to19’s impact achieved through Phase 1 of our model, including our role in the sector of adolescent health and well-being and a deep dive into the review process we undertook in 2021.

Collective Action

Drawing on learnings from our collaborative approach, this section highlights 10to19’s and Dasra’s commitment to adolescent health and shared outcomes, spotlighting the development of 10to19.

Programming and Implementation

Highlighting knowledge, evidence and learnings from our on-ground implementation in partnership with civil society organizations, this section contains key learnings and successes from 10to19’s programs in Jharkhand, Assam, and Chhattisgarh

Youth Participation

As one of our key pillars, this section details the various initiatives and activities that constitute 10to19’s youth participatory model, including our narrative change initiatives and newer systems and structures to amplify young people’s voices in our work

An exploration of youth engagement, participation, and protagonist approaches, April 2022

Knowledge Creation and Documentation

Our commitment to thought leadership and evidence building remains at the core of our work; we continue to explore and document key themes and materials that are relevant to the adolescent health and wellbeing sector. Some of our key reports and articles are listed below.

Videos Highlighting DAC Program

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