Voices from the ground are a series of consultations conducted with stakeholders to understand the impact of COVID19 on adolescents and young people. This initiative is one of many others that 10to19 Dasra adolescents collaborative is undertaking - such as surveys, dialogues with Ab Meri Baari ambassadors and the media. These unique interactions bring to light challenges, insights, learnings & best practices that we will summarise through this page

Power of Resources in the Hands of Young

Pooja Rao from the 10to19 Dasra Adolescents Collaborative and Vithika Yadav from Love Matters India (Ab Meri Baari campaign partner) write about how the Ab Meri Baari campaign leveraged the digital platform to equip young people with new skills and opportunities during the pandemic in an effort to provide them with resources and power to empower their lives and of those around them.

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Youth Consultation during COVID-19 in the South India

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, KHPT in collaboration with DASRA and Love Matters India organized an online youth consultation (South India- Karnataka). The key objective of the Youth Consultation was to hear from young adults about their challenges and coping mechanism during COVID-19. It was also an opportunity to hear their recommendations and demands to the government during this difficult time.

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Mental health matters – and here’s what we can do to help

In this article, we outline the current scenario with respect to young people’s mental health in India – particularly how the pandemic has impacted them. We make a case for a new approach and renewed commitment to bettering and supporting mental wellbeing for India’s adolescents, thereby setting them up for success.

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Pandemic and Young People

As part of its ongoing efforts towards hearing from the youth directly about their challenges, needs and prioritize during a pandemic, along with LMI and CINI we organised a third consultation with young people from North East India. Read to learn what they had to say about the impact of the pandemic.

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DAC National CoP Consultations

The two consultations with NGOs across the nation
highlighted not only several key priority areas, but also the need for a coordinated and shared response from stakeholders across the sector to ensure that we are able to protect and support our communities.

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