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The 10to19 Dasra Adolescents Collaborative works to address the scale and breadth of issues facing adolescents. Bringing together civil society organizations, experts, funders and the government to ensure that adolescents are safe, healthy, educated and empowered to make positive life choices as they transition into adulthood

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Choose to challenge: achieving an equal future for india's adolescents

The 10to19 Dasra Adolescent Community is an effective platform to share discuss exchange amplify

each partner’s contributions and work together to create real and sustainable change.



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Connect | Share | Engage

Our webinars and events serve as a platform for civil society organizations, government, funders, experts, gatekeepers, community members to connect in real-time and interact openly on issues that impact adolescents. Sharing on-ground experiences, data and insights, we hope, enables the sector to improve their understanding, create best practices and work collectively to adopt and implement innovative and scalable programs 

Choose to challenge: achieving an equal future for india’s adolescents

2 march, 2021

Virtual Conference on best practices and learnings in adolescent-focused programs with representatives of national government, implementing partners, funders and other stakeholders 

Campaigns & Initiatives

Amplify | Mobilize | Collectivize

Adolescents are at the center of everything we do. We believe that for young people to reach their full potential, it is imperative that they are aware of their rights, can raise their issues, can share their stories, and are empowered to make informed and positive life choices. 

#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 #YuvaChampion

64 Youth Champions from 6 states are leading a digital advocacy campaign in their communities to reduce stigma and discrimination against frontline workers, Covid-19 patients and their families. 


Ab Meri Baari

nation-wide campaign that amplifies adolescent voices by training Girl Champions to evaluate access to sexual and reproductive health services, advocate for their rights, delay age of first pregnancy and mobilize their peers and communities to build accountability from ground up.


Thought Leadership

Read | Learn | Contribute

Our reports and articles are ways we hope to inspire people into action, turn ideas into reality and share ways to replicate success. The Collaborative emphasizes the importance of data collection and documentation. It shares insights and learnings with the sector to encourage a greater understanding of the breadth of issues and leverage the findings to create relevant and practical solutions for the community.

September 2020

How to be a COVID-19 Youth Champion- Youth Advocacy Toolkit

September 2020

LOST IN LOCKDOWN: Chronicling the Impact of COVID-19 on India’s Adolescents ​

June 2020

Stress test toolkit for partners to assess the impact of the pandemic on their organizations

Articles & Media

Jan 2, 2021

Child Marriage Leading to Teenage Pregnancy in Jharkhand - Prabhat Kabhar

Nov 19, 2020

100 Youth Champions, Trained With Digital Advocacy Skills, Create A Social Media Reach Of 6 Million+

Sep 18, 2020

Rebuilding After COVID-19: Lessons From Recurring Crises Like Assam Floods & Amphan

Shining the Spotlight

We are Proud of our Partners and Adolescent Community

Our partners are critical to building this national network of community members. Their unwavering support to collaborative action makes it possible for us to envision a transformed future where millions of adolescents live with dignity and equity.

Priyanka Murmu (Samanpur villlage, Jharkhand) is studying in class XII and is a Peer Educator of an adolescent group. She is a budding artist and has created artworks with a social message

Priyanka is a trained Girl Champion. She actively participated in and led the Ab Meri Baari campaign in Saraikela district and presented their charter of demands before the District Administration. She is deeply concerned with the status of girls in her community and has advocated their issues to other village level institutions like VLCPC and SMC. She strongly believes that girls should be provided equal opportunities and has raised demands for access to quality education, health services and livelihood opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. She has also taken a lead role in addressing menstrual hygiene practices, and spreading awareness and sensitizing her community about the negative impact of child marriage and early age of pregnancies.

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